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Cardiac Surgery MICS Instruments

MICS Instruments for Thoracoscopic Surgery and Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery. +923368761771 FidaTech Surgical Instruments, High Quality MICS Heart Surgery Instruments sets and kits with instruments care sterilization box for long life durability and reusable for Cardio Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon’s next surgery.Cardiac Surgery MICS instrumentsMitral Valve Repair InstrumentsTricuspidal Blades Retractors ManufacturerMICS cooley mitral valve retratorMICS Aortic Valve RetractorMICS Sternal RetractorMICS Heart Surgery ScarsMICS Mitral Coagulation ProcedureMICS Mitral Valve Repair Procedure for thoracic surgeonsThoracoscopyThoracic SurgeryHeart Diseases SurgeryMICS Cabg SurgeryMICS scissorsMICS Aorta Valve RepairMICS Instruments Set and KitsMCS Keyhole SurgeryMICS small incision surgery with VATS video assisted thoracic surgery MICS small cut…